How Taxi keeps your clients moving


Pay tax through taxi

Your clients pay their provisional tax to their Taxi account at the IRD, held in their name by Government-owned Public Trust until they access funds.


Link to MyIR

After linking to myIR, your clients' tax payments can be used to access affordable business funding via Taxi and to meet their tax obligations.


Choose amount

Your clients can access business funding when they need them, up to an amount equal to 90% of the provisional tax payments paid through Taxi in the previous 12 months.

Our 11 year relationship with the IRD

Better than a big bank overdraft

Flexible funding

Your clients will benefit from having access to Taxi’s cost-effective, easy to use and highly flexible business funding. Whether for investing in growth, smoothing cash flow, or simply a rainy day – Taxi will help your clients move their business forward.

Empower your clients

Your client's provisional tax payments can now meet both their provisional tax obligations and secure them access to great funding for their business. Taxi's built-in guardrails and conservative limits help your clients while accessing their Taxi funds.

Partner with Taxi

Become a Taxi Premium Partner and your clients will benefit from a 10% reduction on their monthly Taxi fee and you’ll receive a contribution each month to cover your administrative costs. Find out more about our Partner Programme, here.

Use tax pool payments

Regardless of which tax pool your clients use, you can switch their payments seamlessly into Taxi. Once switched, these payments can immediately be used by your clients to access  business funding.

Powered by Tax Traders

Taxi is powered by Tax Traders, New Zealand’s leading IRD-approved tax intermediary. The expert team of accountants and tax specialists at Tax Traders manage over $2 billion in tax payments for Kiwi businesses every year.

Your advice counts

Taxi is built to work alongside you, as your client’s advisor. Your tax payment advice is easily applied to their Taxi account, and you are given visibility of their tax position through your Tax Traders account.

Built by accountants & advisors

Taxi is powered by Tax Traders, who are approved by Inland Revenue to be a tax pooling intermediary. Tax Traders manage over $2 billion of tax payments for Kiwi businesses and have been helping New Zealand's biggest companies for over a decade.

The team behind Taxi

Safe by design

We know how important your clients' financial safety is. We have engineered Taxi to ensure your clients get access to affordable business funding, while giving you oversight of their position through your Tax Traders account.

Full visibility of client activity
Multiple repayment pathways for funds
Low facility fee costs
Funds available for flexible periods
Conservative borrowing limits - an amount equal to 90%* of provisional tax payments deposited in the prior 12 months.
Provided funding is repaid to Taxi on time, we guarantee no IR late payment penalties relating to that provisional tax payment.
Funds can be repaid early without penalty
Put “idle” provisional tax payments to work
We love that Taxi is helping Kiwi keep more money in their business.
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris — Lighthouse Financial

Answering a proven need for Kiwi business

NZ Study 2022

NZ Study 2022

NZ Study 2022


What happens if my client can’t complete their Taxi repayments within the nine-month repayment period?

If your client can’t complete their Taxi repayments within the nine-month repayment period, provided they have been making their regular provisional tax payments on time and through Taxi, we will, in most cases, be able to extend the repayment period, past nine months. This gives your client additional time to complete their Taxi repayments. Should this happen, there will be ongoing interest costs for your client to pay. Because we only use the most recent provisional tax payments as security, even if your client’s Taxi repayments haven’t been made to us, we can still release their historic tax payments when they are due to be transferred to IR. This means their tax is still paid on time and they avoid late payment penalties and UOMI. We simply take security over their most recent tax payments which aren’t yet due with IR. In the unlikely situation that your client fails to make their Taxi repayments within the repayment period, and they haven't made any further provisional tax payments to IR, Taxi will use the provisional tax payments they have made and given as security, to cover the remaining outstanding Taxi repayments. In this instance, Taxi is not obliged to reinstate your client’s tax position and you will need to contact and settle your tax obligations directly with IR.This is no different to the current situation that exists with Inland Revenue if you fail to pay your provisional tax within 75 days of your terminal tax date via a tax pool.

Can my clients use Taxi if I don't currently work with Tax Traders?

Yes! Taxi is for all businesses that pay provisional tax. However, if your client has balances in the Tax Traders tax pool, they can get started straight away. It’s no problem if they have balances in another tax pool - they can transfer their balances over to Tax Traders so your clients can benefit sooner.

How does using the Taxi facility affect my client's imputation credit balance?

Provided your client’s Taxi repayments are made in full and on time (with such amounts subsequently being transferred to IR), there should be no overall impact to your client’s imputation credit account as a result of accessing funds through Taxi. There are however specific rules around the timing of debits and credits for the funds accessed and repaid. We are here to help, so please contact us for more information if you have a specific scenario you would like to discuss.

Do you have a partner programme?

Yes! We have a growing number of firms who have joined the Taxi Partner Programme. To find out more about how you and your clients can benefit from the Taxi Partner Programme contact us here (

How do you define and compare your rates?

Your Taxi rate is the interest rate you pay on amounts withdrawn from your Taxi account.This is comparable to the overdraft base rate plus margin that banks charge. We compare Taxi to a business overdraft because similiar to a business overdraft it is a flexible funding facility required to be cleared to zero within nine months, with a fee for availability of funds to borrow. It is secured against business assets (in this case the provisional tax payments), similar to the GSA (General Security Agreement) for standard business borrowing from a bank. GSA lending is generally considered more high risk than residential mortgage lending so any business loan secured with residential property is not comparable to Taxi funding. Rates for banks represent the minimum and maximum overdraft rate (base rate plus lender’s margin) as quoted on the page at the date listed. [Individual bank rates may be lower than the maximum for some customers]. In addition to the rates referenced here, both banks and Taxi charge a monthly fee for access to their facilities. On the page above this is referred to as the Management fee. Taxi’s management fee is 0.15% per month on the Taxi facility limit. This is calculated monthly and billed quarterly and is comparable to the management fee of the main four banks.

Will I be able to see what my clients doing?

Yes, you will be able to see your client's deposits and withdrawals in your Tax Traders portal

What happens if my client can't repay the amount back?

We have put safety guardrails to ensure your client can meet their repayment terms, including a recommended payment schedule. We will work with you and your client to make sure you meet their tax obligation

How does Taxi affect my client's imputation credits balance?

Taxi utilises the Taxpooling framework, and just as Taxpooling affects the imputation credit balance this will too. Contact us for more information

How is this different to a Taxpool?

The benefits of taxpooling have previously only been made available to large companies. Taxi changes this. Taxi makes the benefits of taxpooling available to all businesses. Taxi allows all businesses to use their provisional tax as a cashflow facility at low rates.

I have clients who will really benefit from being a Taxi customer, what should I do?

Become an Early Access Partner here, once you become a partner you will be given a discount code which your client will benefit from and you will become a member of the partner programme