Business funding at about half the cost of a big bank overdraft

Low 7.09% p.a. interest rate
Flexible repayment structure that rewards you for repaying early
No hidden fees
Full details of our terms and conditions and rates are here.

How much can I access and what will it cost?

When you use Taxi, there are two types of fees we charge, a facility fee and an upfront interest fee on the funds you access.
Facility calculator
The quarterly facility fee is based on the funds available in your account. This fee is calculated daily and charged quarterly, starting once your provisional tax is paid through Taxi.
Calculated at 90% of your provisional tax payment.
Calculated at 0.45% of available funds. Min $89.70
Interest fee
The interest fee applies to any funds you access and is charged upfront. If you repay these funds before the end of the repayment term, we will issue a rebate for any interest prepaid for the remainder of the term. This is currently 7.09% p.a.
7.09% p.a. interest rate. Charged up front.
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Flexible term

Access funds for your business from your Taxi account for up to nine months at a time. The interest rate we charge is fixed and paid up front. If you repay the funds early, we provide a rebate against your prepaid interest.

Low-cost structure

Taxi charges a monthly facility fee of 0.15% per month. This is calculated monthly based on your Taxi facility limit (min. $30.00 per month) and is billed quarterly in arrears. Better still, access funds at the low interest cost of 7.09%* p.a.
*as at today. Subject to change.

No personal guarantees

Your provisional tax payments provide the security for your funding limit. No other security is required.

No financial disclosures

Taxi does not require lengthy loan applications, financial accounts, or any other justification to access funds for your business. Simply having paid your provisional tax through your Taxi account is all that we need.

Calculate your quarterly facility fee

How much provisional tax did you pay last year?

Your quarterly Fee
Calculated daily and billed quarterly in arrears
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