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How Taxi works

Sign up & link your myIR
Create an account and link your myIR data with your Taxi account. No credit checks or financial disclosures required. Book a time with a Taxi expert or sign up here.
Pay your tax
Make your next provisional tax payment through Taxi. Your tax payments are held on your behalf by Government-owned Public Trust in an account at Inland Revenue.
Access funds
You can access funds within three working days, based on your provisional tax payments paid through Taxi. Repayment is flexible and works with your business.
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Connected to IRD.

Secured by Public Trust.
Taxi uses the platform created by Inland-Revenue approved tax pooling intermediary Tax Traders. All tax payments made through Taxi are handled by Government-owned Public Trust and held in the Tax Traders tax pooling trust account at Inland Revenue.
We love that Taxi is helping Kiwi keep more money in their business.
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris — Lighthouse Financial
Built by accountants
Taxi is powered by Tax Traders, New Zealand’s most preferred IRD-approved tax pooling intermediary. This expert team of accountants and tax specialists manage over $2 billion in tax payments for Kiwi businesses every year.
Backed by legislation
Taxi uses Tax Traders, who meet the requirements set out in the Tax Administration Act 1994 to establish and maintain a tax pooling account. Large corporate businesses have been benefiting from these provisions for over 10 years.
Works with your advisors
Taxi is built to work alongside your accountant. Their tax payment advice is easily applied to your Taxi account, and they are given visibility of your tax position through their Tax Traders account.
In the media
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What happens to my tax payments when I use Taxi?

Your provisional tax payments are held on your behalf by Government-owned Public Trust, in a tax pooling account at Inland Revenue.

How much business funding can I access with Taxi?

You can access as much or as little as you need, up to an amount equal to 90% of the provisional tax payments you have paid through Taxi in the previous 12 months.

Can I skip repayments?

You can skip repayments during the nine-month repayment period without incurring extra costs, so long as you catch up on those skipped repayments during the nine-month repayment period. Of course, if you repay the funds early, Taxi will reward you and provide you with a rebate.

What do businesses use Taxi for?

Our early stage research showed business owners wanted to use Taxi for expansion, purchasing vital machinery, managing delayed payments, and navigating seasonal dips in business. Business owners also told us they love the peace of mind that Taxi provides.

Do I need to tell my accountant I am using Taxi?

If you have an accountant, we think it’s a great idea to let them know you are using Taxi, but there is no requirement to do this.