Making the benefits of the tax system available to all.

We are a group of accountants, tax experts, and technology innovators united by a common belief that to truly support New Zealand, we must empower its businesses. By bringing the finest elements of the accounting, compliance and technology worlds together, we aspire to foster the growth of Kiwi businesses and those who support them.

With Taxi, we are making the benefits of  New Zealand’s tax system available to all, levelling the playing field for businesses of every size.

Welcome to Taxi, where business potential takes the driver's seat.

Nicola Taylor
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Lawyer and tax-tech entrepreneur on a mission for justice, equity, and a tax system that works for everyone. Co-founder of Tax Traders + Taxi.

Josh Taylor
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Co-founder of Tax Traders and now Taxi, reshaping provisional tax for NZ businesses and using technology for profitability, efficiency, and social good.

Dan Faris
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Driven product leader, dedicated to building human-centred businesses that are a force for good. Expert in taking defining insights to commercially-successful reality.

Tim Kirkpatrick (CA)
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A Co-CEO of Tax Traders and Chartered Accountant. Tim has been a driving force behind Taxi with his considerable tax pooling and accounting expertise.

Duncan Rumbold
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Experienced Technology Lead and architect of the Taxi application and digital infrastructure. Leads Taxi's development with technical expertise and empathy.

Aaron Eddington
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Experience Customer Success Lead committed to finding the best solution for every Taxi user

We’re here to give NZ a multi-billion dollar boost to productivity

Imagine what could happen when we unlock $17 billion of unused taxpayer funds and place them into the hands of hard-working and ambitious Kiwi business owners. At the same time, we're determined to cut overdraft expenses up to 50% for every business across the nation.

At Taxi, we believe this is an epic vision and we're driven by the knowledge that cash flow management is the most pressing concern for businesses. We're dedicated to supporting the mental well-being of our fellow business owners through Taxi.

Together, we're empowering New Zealand's growth and providing the tools for success to every tax-paying business.

Learn more about how we're set to change the Kiwi business funding landscape by reading NZ Institute of Economic Research's report on the benefits of Taxi.

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