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Now all Kiwi businesses can use their provisional tax payments to access radically affordable funding. We use the platform created by IRD-approved tax pooling intermediary Tax Traders, so you can access great business funding while also meeting your provisional tax obligations.

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About half the cost of a big bank overdraft

Taxi costs about half the cost of a business overdraft from a big bank. Taxi is radically more affordable compared to a second-tier lender or using a credit card.

Safe & Secure

Connected to IRD and facilitated by Public Trust

Taxi uses the platform created by Inland Revenue-approved tax pooling intermediary Tax Traders. All tax payments made through Taxi are handled by Government-owned Public Trust and held in the Tax Traders tax pooling trust account at Inland Revenue.


Funds in your bank within three days

Once you have made your first provisional tax payment to your Taxi account you are able to access up to 90%* of that amount for up to nine months. As long as you have completed a simple anti-money laundering check, funds will clear into your bank account within three working days.
*Subject to market rates

Taxi has allowed us to move quickly and make the most of opportunities.
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Powered by prov tax

Instead of sitting idle for months at a time, your provisional tax payments are now a new source of funds for your business. No financial disclosures or guarantees are required and approval is automatic. Simply pay your provisional tax to access better business funding.

Connected to IRD

The framework behind Taxi was created by IRD-approved tax pooling intermediary, Tax Traders and is used by businesses across New Zealand every day. Your provisional tax payments are held on your behalf by Government-owned Public Trust in a tax pooling account at IRD.

Built by accountants

Taxi is powered by Tax Traders, New Zealand’s most preferred IRD-approved tax pooling intermediary. This expert team of accountants and tax specialists manage over $2 billion in tax payments for Kiwi businesses every year.

You are in control

Use your Taxi funds to grow your business,  pay down high cost borrowing or simply hold on to for a rainy day. You know your business better than anyone which is why Taxi puts you in control.

Backed by legislation

Taxi uses Tax Traders, who meet the requirements set out in the Tax Administration Act 1994 to establish and maintain a tax pooling account. Large New Zealand businesses have been benefiting from these provisions for over 10 years.

Works with your advisors

Taxi is built to work alongside your accountant. Their tax payment advice is easily applied to your Taxi account, and they are given visibility of your tax position through their Tax Traders account.

Put your tax to work

Join Taxi today and start making your provisional tax payments work for you.

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